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Barbells and Badges is a Law enforcement and first responder fitness and apparel brand based in Maryland.

We’re excited to share the launch of one of our latest branding projects for Barbells and Badges, a rapidly growing First Responder Fitness brand and community.  The project was initiated after a conversation between S15 Designs Creative Director, Steven Feken, and Barbells and Badges CEO, Marc Bona.


The Challenge.

When we came into the project, Barbells and Badges lived mostly on Instagram with a little under 10,000 followers. With them already a fan favorite among LEO fitness brands, we knew it was important to give a feeling of protection and strength with our design as well as paying homage to the classic logo.

The Approach.

Through a series of explorations, we developed a brand identity using some of the same elements as before.

Using a traditional police badge shield to represent all law enforcement and even first responders, a set of weights to symbolize the fitness community and strength behind the badge.


The new logo.

The new logo was designed with the idea that today’s logos should be responsive.  Responsive and flexible in a sense, so they a part of a bigger living identity system.

The long-standing brand has built up years of brand recognition into their logo. We took what was working well with the previous logo and refined its form to work on a broader scale of applications and sizes.

Thin line blue

Your are your only limit.

Barbells and Badges is one of the most popular Law Enforcement Fitness brands on the internet.

For Police Week in Washington DC, we designed special, limited edition t-shirts for Barbells and Badges. These designs are among the top sellers in the brand history.

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Creative Director:  Steven Feken




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