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Raines Tree Care is owned by a professional arborist who believes in the family first. The brand identity needed to reflect the brand’s values and business as well as attract their ideal customers who value what they do.

Raines Tree Care provides qualified tree care solutions in a family oriented environment with transcending service while giving peace of mind to local communities.

THE objective.

Our objective going into this project was to create a new brand identity that would position Raines Tree Care as an authority in the current local market of premium tree care and arbor solutions.

Our Approach.

The Raines Tree Care team had the expertise in the field, they just need a visual identity that supported that in terms of look and feel.

Our approach was to first understand the customers, then to define the brand and then design visual assets that bring it all together.






defining the brand.

Through a series of exercises in the strategy session, we were able to develop the key attributes that defined the brand’s look, voice, and personality.

the design process.

Now equipped with the brand’s foundational brief and the owner’s favorite existing brands, we explored several concepts.  We explored logotypes and conceptual rough logo designs then we designed what is called a Stylescape for the logo concept selected.

A Stylescape is a visual encapsulation of the brand. It shows hows the logo will live with the brand colors, typography and can show examples of what marketing materials, merchandise, and a website could look like.

The Stylescape below was the winning Stylescape for the brand.

This approach helps to set some ground rules for every piece of creative for the brand moving forward. From websites to marketing materials, apparel, and so on.

The new logo.

As with the beginning of any brand, we believe it’s important to understand what the logo needs to communicate. In this case, based on our talks, the logo needed to communicate what they do and what they believe.

The new Raines Tree Care logo is family and peace of mind.


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